Summer Comedy Workshop

“Laughter can bring a new perspective.”

(C. Durang)

10 – 12 – 13 – 17 – 19 – 20 Luglio 2023 dalle ore 19:00 alle ore 21:30

Il workshop sarà in lingua inglese

Do you know Christopher Durang?

Prolific comic playwright Christopher Durang attacks a wide range of themes ranging from family, religion, sex, death, relationships and madness with outrageous irreverence, shocking audiences and keeping them reeling with laughter.  A master of the outrageously unthinkable, working on his short plays is a journey into the absurd and a refreshing departure from mundane reality.

American Actor David Wayne Callahan, featured actor in Italian television and international films, earned his Masters Degree in the Art of Acting from the school of Stanislavsky in Moscow, Russia.  He is set to take his actors into the mad America of Christopher Durang with the perfect blend of deep appreciation for the art of acting and his great love of irreverent humor.

What about the work?

Join him for a 15 hour workshop that will include an initial period of Stanislavsky-inspired exercises to develop listening to oneself and others, spiking the imagination and inspiring creativity in stage play followed by rehearsals.  Actors will perform one-act plays by American playwright Christopher Durang.

The text we will be working on and staged on the last day of the workshop will be “The Actor’s Nightmare” by Christopher Durang.

PER INFO E COSTI scrivere a oppure chiamare al numero +39 3332817924

Get to know the teacher:

David Wayne Callahan, attore e voice artist americano. Ha conseguito il Master of Fine Arts al Moscow Art Theatre in Russia e ha lavorato professionalmente in tutta Europa. In Italia ha recitato in film e TV con Giancarlo Giannini, Christopher Lambert, Pierfrancesco Favino, il Premio Oscar Richard Dreyfuss, il Premio Oscar Marcia Gay Harden, e Claudio Bisio.  Dal 2007 tiene corsi di Recitazione e insegna a professionisti Presence e Public Speaking. È docente ospite presso l’Università Bocconi di Milano e tiene corsi per professori dell’ateneo, tra cui relatori per il prestigioso evento TEDxBOCCONIU.  La sua voce può essere ascoltata in tutto il mondo in documentari, cartoni animati e spot televisivi e radiofonici.Interprete del cortometraggio Moths to flame, recentemente premiato col Universal Studios award al Roma Film Festival.